Ready to Get Published?

Join us in our next big adventure... Publishing a Best-Seller!

Join us in our next big adventure... Publishing a Best-Seller!


Being a part of this book process is going to be a life changing adventure!


First and foremost I want to thank you for loving yourself.  It is truly the most important journey you will have in life and it is the one that that will change the world.  

This book will be a collaborative effort between 52 writers, artists, musicians, healers and more, who are ready to lean into the possibility of what happens when you love yourself and step into the unknown adventure of doing something big.

Together as a team we will create a best-selling book, start a movement, build community, and elevate ourselves and others in doing so.

That is what self love is about, change starts with yourself, and then it radiates outward.

If you’re ready to be a part of a self-love movement that changes the world, then let’s get started!

The Details:

This is a 52 chapter book. It is a companion guide to take the reader through a year long self love journey.   You will have your own chapter.  Each chapter represents one week of the year.  

Your chapter is your oyster (a 1500 max word oyster).  This is your chance to imprint the importance of self love on the reader.  Dream big, what would be possible if everyone in the world could really truly loved themselves.  

 How will you communicate this to the reader?  You get to be creative!

Be authentic, Be Bold, Be YOU!


You get to be as creative as you want, with one exception.  It is important to weave an action step through every chapter.  Love without action is dead.  How will the reader implement the lesson of self love that you teach them into their life with an action step?   

Think smart, you get a week with the reader. How can you make the biggest impact with what you write? What action step will they be taking that week that will lead them into the deepest romance of self love?

The Nitty Gritty:


It is $450 to be a contributor in the book. This covers publishing, the initial print run of the book, isbn, marketing, and payment of celebrity contributors. (Yes you heard that right, your book will be a collaboration with big name musicians, actors, and artists.) You’re gonna poop yourself when you find out who these people are.  

*Once we announce who the famous contributors are, the submission cost will go up to $599.


Your final draft needs to be submitted by October 31st 2017 or sooner.  The goal is to get this book out before Thanksgiving so that sales are huge.


As a contributor you will receive 1% of the net profit.  The better the book does the better we all do.  We have 52 people collaborating to make this book a massive hit.  As a group if we sell 25,000 books, your investment is covered, you’ll have something huge to brag about, and be able to leverage the title of best selling author to get workshops, speaking gigs, and jobs. With 52 people this will be easy. We will blow past this number.   

Let's Connect:  

We are are big group of earth shakers and change makers from all around the world. The primary way we will connect is through this facebook group. Here we will form community, plan events, and make magic together. Hop in right away and be a leader in this movement.  There is no room for holding back or being shy when your self love game is big and strong.

Step 1.

Introduce yourself to the rest of the group! A quick video is the best way. Tell us what you do, tell us your journey of self-love and give us a hint about the self love action you would like to share in the book.

Step 2.

Connect with the others in this group. We are about to start a revolution of self-love together. This will take the world by storm. There will be book launch events, workshops, so much greatness that happens in your life because of this book. We will do it together as a team. We will grow a movement. It all starts here.

Step 3.

Submit your rough draft to asap.

Step 4.

Talk it up. Love yourself and be unapologetic about how awesome this is. Tell your mother, tell your father, tell your mailman and your cat. You deserve to seen and heard. Go out there and spread the word. You are about to be a best selling author.