Rosie and Kit are both experts in different realms of healing the body. Check out their descriptions below to feel into who would be  the best fit for you. 


I have been doing bodywork as a career since 2007. I studied clinical massage at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and went on to pursue work with physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and eventually a private practice. I have always felt like I can see through my hands, and have used that intuition to help my clients find healing. I prefer working with a treatment based method, targeting specific areas and injuries and implementing a treatment plan to see them through to an optimal level of wellness. 

I have an expert level of knowledge and skill with many clinical techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle stripping, PNF, active stretching and deep tissue. Through the years I've gained a better connection to the energetic aspects of healing that I work into the session as well. I can feel as well as see energy while working on someone, and often times release emotional blocks that are tied up into the painful area. I've helped people become completely pain-free from many issues including muscle soreness, thoracic outlet syndrome, insomnia, constipation, fertility issues, TMJ issues, migraines, IT band pain syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica and more. I also specialize in pre-natal massage. 

I love what I do. It's like an adventure for me to dive into someone's body, explore and pull out all the pain I can find. I love making people feel better, empowering them by educating them about their own bodies, and eventually letting them go to live their lives pain-free. I know I've done a good job when my clients don't need me to "fix" them anymore, but have formed healthy habits to take care of themselves. The true reward is to see someone smile and move their body freely. 


The body experiences pain for many reasons. It can be from something as simple as looking over your shoulder in a funny way while driving , hiking your shoulders up when you experience stress, or the repetition of  stressful emotions that show up in the body as pain over time. I will work with you not just to alleviate pain in your body but to uncover the patterns that perpetuate it, in order to uproot the causes where they began. 

I work in varied approaches depending on how you show up that day and depending on what your needs are. You can expect anything from table massage, thai massage, myofascial release, muscle testing, functional bodywork, EFT, guided meditation, and therapeutic touch. 

I take my role as a facilitator of healing seriously. I love working with people who are ready to dive in and create lasting change on all levels. I'm also open to just doing a simple massage for relaxation and stress relief, which can be just as vital in today's society as deep therapeutic bodywork. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you create a better overall feeling of wellness in your body than you could have ever imagined. 


"Rosie has an amazing gift for healing. I began therapy with her on the advise of my chiropractor, and after developing a regular therapeutic massage routine, my visits to the chiropractor became less and less frequent. Rosie is a strong advocate for healthy lifestyle practices and she has contributed positively in helping me make significant changes in my health regimen. She is very sensitive to her patients physical and spiritual condition, cares deeply, and her technique is pure regeneration."  -Chuck

"Rosie really understood the pain I was in and took the time to work on my body in a way that has left me feeling better than I have in a very long time. I am so grateful that I could have had such a wonderful experience! I left feeling super positive and can't wait to go back". -Montana L.

"I've had massages in the past but never thought anyone was good or distinctive enough to keep drawing me back. Rosie changed all of that. Her massages are, of course, relaxing, but they also feel like preventative medicine. My body feels so much healthier after visits with her and I feel SO lucky to have found her! In addition to having the best hands in town she is also an awesome person - a really interesting, caring human who makes the time just fly by. Worth EVERY penny!" -Marissa R.

"The Little Volcano was an absolute blast! Excuse the terrible pun, you can expect much better humor from Rosie along with a great friendly teaching style and a lot of knowledge to back it up. I had a private yoga session and then a massage and found the combination to be a great experience. Rosie helped me to understand what was happening in my body and what I could do to improve my movement and strength. Lovely space too. Definitely recommend trying it out :)" -Caitlyn H.

"My massage yesterday with Rosie was incredible--both for my body and my mind :) She really knows what she's doing and genuinely cares about her clients. I came to her because I'm starting fertility treatment --she had lots of great ideas for fertility bodywork and such a positive energy. I feel so lucky to have found her!" -A.W.

"I went in for a prenatal massage when I was about 38 weeks pregnant, with a lot of pain in my back. After the massage I had increased mobility and the rest of my pregnancy was much more enjoyable! Rosie was so welcoming and made the whole experience very healing." -Julia M.

"As a trans man who wears a binder, and has been for three years, the little volcano was an excellent place for me to go to relieve some upper back pain. it was especially great being in a queer environment with people who made me feel comfortable and knew about the issues I was experiencing." R.P.

"Rosie is an exceptionally gifted healer. Highly professional in habits and deeds, she has been a primary in my health routine for over two years." -Julian

"I've had a few massages over the years and they always seem to be too strong or too weak or unbalanced or some bizarre combination thereof. Rosie seems to know just the right amount of pressure to apply and there is a flow to her work relaxed and refreshed the next day, without feeling sore or bruised. I'm sorry to see her leave Chicago!" W.A.

"Hands down best massage experience I have ever had. Rosie is not only incredibly professional and gifted as a masseuse, but also a stellar human being with a sincere concern for others. I was extremely comfortable in such an inspired space and felt genuinely cared for! I had an extreme painful knot in my neck/upper back and she patiently and skillfully dissipated it--completely. Also, the positive interaction and encouragement I received made my day. I can't recommend her highly enough! " -Dawn A.

"The only negative part of my whole massage experience was that it was only 90 minutes. I had been having some pains in my sciatic for a couple months and since the massage they have been bothering me much much less. It was an all around very enjoyable experience and I will definitely go back next chance I get." - J.J.

"Rosie was AMAZING. She is incredibly professional and talented. This was my first real massage, and it was great! Rosie made me feel very comfortable and was great to talk to. I am hooked, I will 100% be going back for a massage and hopefully I can start doing some yoga there as well. If you have the chance, I recommend paying Rosie a visit. " -Croix F

"Rosie is a gem of a person, and a masseuse. She really listened to me and my body. I greatly appreciate that she is deeply interested in how the body works, which makes her ability to cater her services optimal." K.L.

"Rose was able to put the broken pieces of me back together in the short space of an hour. It was a miracle considering that a short time previously, I had been shivering and in great pain on the LaSalle Street bridge--not imagining that there would be any form of salvation for me. She is an expert and I recommend her unreservedly. Thanks Rose!" -Barb P.