Forrest Yoga

 Mon-Fri 12:15p        Mon, Wed, Fri 6:15p   Intro Class : Thur 10a,     Wed 5p &  Sat 12:15p


Forrest Yoga is an incredibly connected and highly personalized practice. Created by Ana Tiger Forrest, the 4 pillars of Forrest Yoga are Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. Drawing from many different traditions and modalities, students of any style or skill level will find a connection here. We teach from a place of authenticity and deep regard for our students' individual needs. We love incorporating themes and magic into our classes frequently using samples of Flower Essences, Essential Oils and costumes in any given session. Come for a new and exciting yoga experience, and feel welcomed in like family.  

Volcano Flow

Tues & Thur 5:30-6:30p                      

Sat  10a


Volcano Flow is an hour long flow class with an extra emphasis on alignment and body awareness. The room is heated between 80-85 degrees (Please let us know if you are sensitive to heat - we would like our students to be comfortable!) This class will get your heart pumping and sweat flowing quickly. Set to music, this is the perfect class to wake you up and get you in your body. All levels are welcome and modifications are provided. 

Yoga for Freaks of the Night

Wednesdays 11:30pm-12:45am

Are you a vampire who can't leave the coffin by day? Or perhaps an animagus who takes its form as a nocturnal creature? Or maybe you just work in the service industry and you can't find a yoga class late enough for your schedule. 
This class is your new jam. Led by Denise Daneck, Yoga for Freaks of the Night is the newest addition to the Little Volcano's collection of strange classes for strange people. 
Every Wednesday night for only $8 drop-in, come yoga with us!  Yoga for Freaks of the Night will include low lights, good music, a star projector and some pretty mild yoga. Denise will lead you through a gentle flow and into some delicious yin poses as you wind down from your day.  Bring your freakiest self or just your regular self, all forms of freakishness are celebrated at the Little Volcano.

Acro Yoga

Thur 6:45-8:00p


This class will hone skills that celebrate authentic and receptive connection while using our favorite medium- our friends! While Yoga is an intensely physical and internal practice, Acro develops many of the same principles while in community and partnership with others. Learning in the spirit of play we will focus on core strengthening and work with a series of poses that explore the elements of balance, co-creation, strength, and flexibility. Come experience the dynamic interplay between yoga, acro balance, and healing arts

Acro Gym

Tue 6:45-8:00p


Acro Gym is a 75 minute weekly class to help you refine and accelerate your Acro Yoga practice. We will spend the beginning of class warming our bodies up and then transition into various calibrations and range of motion drills to become stronger and more capable as Acro-Yogis. The more we practice, the easier it gets!


-Familiarity with basic Acro Yoga poses (bird, straddle throne, star, side star)
-30 second plank (high pushup)
-30 second handstand against the wall

YinTouch Weekly

(Yin + Deep Stretching)



#yinning is the new #winning! Get in touch with your inner self and with pop culture with YinTouch Weekly! Hold long, deep yin stretches to open up muscles and fascia while Jessie updates you on the latest gossip from InTouch Weekly magazine! 

Star Projector Gentle Yoga

Mon & Fri 8pm

$8 drop in!

Star Projector yoga is part restorative yoga, part yoga truth or dare. Set up in a circle with a star projector on the ceiling and nostalgic 90's love ballads on the stereo, this class plays out more like a yoga sleepover. We do some poses, make some jokes, tell some stories and generally just let it all hang out. Practicing radical vulnerability can sometimes be one of the most cathartic experiences in life, allowing us to form connections to those around us. We foster a safe space at the studio and encourage your freakiest flag to fly. Only $8 to drop in to these classes!

Do your Sunday mornings usually start with a lot of water & slow movement? No judgement here. Hangover or not, yoga is a great way to stimulate the detoxification processes in the body, mind & spirit. Join us for a one hour detoxing, slow flow that is both fun & relaxing by intention. All levels welcome!

Detox Flow

Sundays 10am