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Yoga Ceremony: Abundance

We are re-igniting our once-monthly tradition of yoga ceremony: a 3 hour workshop which brings in the traditions of our Forrest Yoga teacher training.


This is how the evening will go:

-First we will share the Lakota, Cherokee, and Cree chants and dances we learned from Ana Forrest.

-Then we will call the 4 directions and set the intent.

-Next comes a 90 minute yoga practice.

-Lastly we will hold a talking circle to close the day.


We encourage you to bring rattles, noise makers or drums for the chants.


Since this ceremony is about abundance, come with a goal in mind. What are you trying to manifest an abundance of? Health? Wealth? Love? Energy? All of it? Bring a journal to write down your ideas and the ideas we share with you.


Keep in mind that just as with any other sacred ceremony, we ask that you come in clear-headed and clean. Try not to drink any alcohol or do any drugs the night before or the day of ceremony.


Don't miss out on this amazing ceremony. We'd love to see you there.


This event costs $20 for non-members. If you already have a package or membership, this event is only an extra $5 added to your regular class price.

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