Saturnia Yoga Adventure

The legendary thermal baths of Saturnia await you. Said to have been created by the thunderbolts of the god Jupiter in ancient mythology, the Volcanos invite you on an adventure to re-vitalize your Spirit, renew your source of eternal inspiration, and step into your expansion zone. 


May 17th-22nd! 

Cultivate Your Own Personal Magic


The Little Volcano has had many identities. It began as a leggings company in Chicago IL, later transforming into a Yoga Studio in Asheville NC. After two years as a yoga studio it has morphed into this traveling yoga couple teaching transformative workshops, recording a yoga podcast, and  selling fun leggings and shirts out of our gypsy van.  Soon to be based out of Sacramento, CA.

Know that your energy is literally felt around the world. I remember hearing about you Volcanoes, seeing FB posts saying you were on your way to CHI during our 2015 FYFTT. I was thinking to myself who are these magical celebrities?! Not in a pomp & circumstance Hollywood way, but knowing you two are GAME CHANGERS. And even that phrase is to whisper of your power & presence. You mighty volcanoes are game re-writers & inventors. I remember the day you and Rosie galloped into the room. It was a seismic shift. Trust that seismosaurus is your life. Knowing that when something this big hits us, of course it’s unrecognized. But trust that it sure as hell is out to change the landscape. Go you. Your inspiration runs deep. Even if we don’t tell you as much as we should. So proud of you both. AHO.
— -A Wonderful Yogi Friend

Available Workshops