The Mysterious Case of the Missing Labradorite

Our story we told to Renee Anderson, who most eloquently wrote us a story about it:

Wonder and serendipity run rampant through these old mountains, and at their heart is a place called The Little Volcano Yoga.  After nine months of offering the warmest welcomes, intense healing yoga practice and plentiful magic, The Little Volcano receives a shocking violation.  


Just inside the studio doors is a room filled with wonderful gifts of herbs, stones and tinctures. These beautiful local items add to the feel of wild magnetism and witchy enchantment.  Among the most prized of these gifts is a magnificent large Labradorite stone, on consignment from a nearby gem store.  Labradorite is a stone of magic that strengthens intuition and clairvoyance, protects against negativity and brings out the best in people.


On a day when the studio is flourishing as the center of a growing community, the place sings with conversation as yoga students and massage clients come and go.  In the midst of the activity, a special item disappears. The Labradorite stone is stolen.


Within thirty minutes of noticing its absence, studio owners Rosie and Killian begin to call the gem shops in town. They relay the story and request to be notified if anyone tries to sell the stone to them.


Not long after this, one of the gem shops calls the studio to say that someone has indeed brought in piece of Labradorite. It’s a small piece that’s certainly been broken off from a larger piece.  The gem shop asks the man who is trying to sell it to come back in a bit to meet with the owner.  This gives Rosie enough time to get to the gem shop where he will be returning to.  When confronted about the piece of labradorite, he informs Rosie that someone has been giving pieces away at the homeless shelter, and that’s where he got it.  They have one piece back.


Two days later, another gem shop call The Little Volcano.  They tell the studio that someone has left a small piece of Labradorite for them to pick up.  The person who has left this piece is the person who stole the original Labradorite.  As he’s leaving, he tells the gem shop that he’s worried he will end up with bad karma for stealing it.  One piece returns home.


Killian and Rosie experience many emotions in the midst of the theft, including empathy.  Using the incident as fuel for something powerful, the intention of empathy is purposed in a yoga class that day and it leaves the students in tears.  


It’s week later, and none of the other pieces have been found.  Roni is a guest in Rosie and Killian’s house, and she wishes to buy the couple a small Labradorite stone to create a piece of jewelry as an offering for their loss.  Roni feels a spark of intuition.  She’s wandering about the gem shop for an hour and feels she must talk to someone at the store, without knowing who, why or when they might show up.  In the shop with her is a meditating man and his drums.  This is him, she can feel it, and it has to be now.  Roni strikes up conversation, asking him if he has ever played drums at The Little Volcano.  As she says the words of the studio’s name, a man walks into the shop and overhears her.


“That’s them.  I have their stone.”


In his possession is a very large chunk of the original labradorite stone.  This man now reveals his story. The day he came to possess the stone, he was at a Korean restaurant. The restaurant has a large gong outside to enjoy. The man, wishing to hit the gong, looked around him for a type of mallet. He saw a large rock on the ground and picks it up.  It might have looked like just a rock from the exposed side, but he turned it over to reveal its polished beauty. He knew instantly that is was a large piece of the missing labradorite from The Little Volcano.  He knew this because his girlfriend was at the studio the day it was taken and was in the class on empathy.  She told him all about it.


Much of the stone has now come back to them. It’s likely that the largest chunk ended up on the ground because the thief found only refusal from the local storefronts. “It made me feel like we are part of the community,” Rosie says.

A marvelous connection grew outward from one upsetting theft.  It’s made of intuition, energy and community, strengthened by empathy and forgiveness. Perhaps too the Labradorite stone used some of her own powerful magic to silently guide them along.