Ep. 6 Walking in Beauty: Jambo Truong

Live from our Bedroom! This week's episode interviews the one and only Jambo Dragon Truong! Jambo is a Forrest Yoga Guardian from the UK with a deep connection to anatomy and magic. Listen in as we laugh, make (slightly) dirty jokes, and explore our experiences as Forrest Yoga teachers together. Check out his website at www.jambodragon.com

(Parental Advisory: This episode contains references to genitalia and uses light curse words)

From Jambodragon.com :

Jambo's yoga journey began at the age of 14 years when he started a chanting and meditation practise. His asana practise began at the age of 17. His first glimpses of the Western approach to Complementary Medicine was not a surprise because he grew up within a household that used acupuncture, nutrition and herbalism. At the age of 18 Jambo developed his FIRST dose of sciatica and a dislocated shoulder. At this age he was guided by one of his mentors to get off his backside and return to education. Reluctantly he signed up for a Reflexology course. After a couple of weeks of enjoying recovering regular 'foot massage' he reached out for help with sciatica. After 2 weeks of combining Reflexology, Reiki, Meditation & Yoga he realised the benefits of Complementary Therapies and decided to sign up for a years worth of part time therapy programs. On enrolment he was convinced to sign up for a degree program in Integrated Health: Complementary Medicine.

Relevant Qualifications:

• BSc(hons) Complementary Medicine
• PG Cert Ayurveda
• Dip Clinical Acupuncture
• Applied Kinesiology
• Myofacial Meridians (Apprentice of Brian Campbell)
• Classical East-Asian Medicine & Korean Hand Therapy (Apprentice Jong Baik)

Since completing his degree he has been heavily involved in bringing Complementary and Allopathic Medicine closer together. He has been doing this as a Symptom Management Specialist for:

Substance Mis-Use
Mental Health
Hepatits C

He has set up Jambo Yoga, a community that uses its profits to run a scholarship program enabling ex-service users of a range of government funded services to sustain their recovery from addiction, trauma, eating disorders and chronic pain.

He has also helped to set up The Yoga Station, a charity who's profit contributes towards the sustainability of a community garden, where members from the fringes of society can garden together.

He is an educational advisor to Yoga Therapies Teacher Training program and clinical lead for Well-Being & Complexities Studies on behalf of University Cape Town & Northumbria.

Jambo is a Forrest Yoga Guardian, traveling assistant to Ana Forrest and in house researcher. He has taken a pledge to maintain the integrity of the teachings of Forrest Yoga.