Aya Dreamer Leggings

Aya Dreamer Leggings


Our second pair of leggings are finally here! Meet Aya Dreamer: a collaboration between the mural artist Nick Mann and the Little Volcano. When you put these magical pants on, feel your third eye awaken and your pineal gland open all while looking fly and fabulous at your next Kundalini workshop!

Speckled with eagle spirits, canoe adventures, twining green vines and spiraling nets of gold and pink fractals, these leggings are guaranteed to be the most unique and spiritually conscious yoga pants in the multiverse. Each pair is gloriously different with the pattern repeating and blending in beautiful ways, swirling over your legs and a fantasy of sunsets, volcanos, and guardian angel spirits. 

Be the first kid on your block to sport these sweet thangs and make all the other yoga witches and wizards jealous when they glimpse your down dog. This pair is different from the first pair in several ways: 

1. Stronger thread and a higher stitch count means you can split any way you want!

2. The legs are 1.5 inches longer for those lengthy yogis, and the cuties who wear their pants over their ankles.

3. The fabric is from a new supplier. A poly-lycra blend, this fabric is twice as thick and compressive as the last pair. It's so opaque, you can wear your biggest brightest polka-dot period panties and no one will be the wiser! 

XS: 0-2

S: 4-6

M: 8-10

L: 12-14

XL: 16-18

XXL: 20-22

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