Dear Ones,

The time for transition is upon us. After many months of aligning ourselves with our highest vibration, we have been called to teach abroad with a Forrest Yoga magician named Finlay Wilson in Dundee, Scotland.  One of our tribe will be taking over the studio as owner, and will continue to spread magic and create beautiful healing and play in Asheville. More details will be announced as they come to us, but for now know that your memberships will transfer smoothly on June 1st, and you will have many wonderful new teachers to meet! Take a look at the schedule to see when your last chance will be to yoga with Rosie or Killian! We will miss Asheville more than we can say. The community we have fostered here is something of such beauty and magic. Thank you to all of you who helped co-create it with us. Know that the connection we have shared over the last 20 months will live in our hearts forever. We will continue to spread the lessons we have learned together to bring the spirit of the Little Volcano to the far reaches of the globe.  Let us see you one last time before we leave. Come say goodbye to us and hello to the newest incarnation of this gorgeous healing space. 

Thank you for being open. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for your brilliance. Thank you for your love. We love you. 

Love + Magic

Rosie & Killian Volcano

Cultivate your personal magic.

The Little Volcano is a space meant for connection, growth, and magic. We aim to inspire our students daily to live in a way their spirit dictates, be fearlessly authentic, and celebrate themselves exactly as they are.

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