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Rosie & Kit Volcano

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Tribe of Too Much

In a world of labels and boxes, and the trappings of societal expectations, there is a magical and empowering place. A place where your most authentic self - your most ridiculous, over-the-top, too much for everyone else self is not only welcomed, but celebrated! Through personalized coaching and extreme transformational events that incorporate yoga, ceremony and deep internal processes, you will find yourself in a safe space for a personal revolution. This tribe exists because we believe in YOU! We believe in doing the magic first and in creating community and a support system to drive your metamorphosis. We believe in the rewiring of the brain and the heart to receive, and in turn, bring about the radical life changes necessary to manifest your deepest desires. We are putting out the call to all social outcasts, dreamers, weirdos, freaks, and everyone who has ever been told they were way too fucking much! No matter your religion or personal belief system, no matter your age or gender or orientation, you have a home, a family, a place of support, and a place of acceptance. We are the #tribeoftoomuch!

Do the Magic First

Everyone deserves to live a life they truly desire. Every being has their own personal brand of magic. It's our quest to help them find it, nourish it, and manifest it. Our coaching supports this process by prioritizing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. "Doing the Magic First" could mean anything from meditation, yoga, nutrition, creative exploration, or simply playing! We believe that Doing the Magic First is the most vital component of creating lasting, sustainable change in your life. 



4-Day Personal Transformation Event

Next Location: Berlin, Germany September 2018

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I've done a lot of transformational work but Kit and Rosie are doing something really special. I felt so free with them, and my renewed love of self feels more sustainable than ever. The fun, freedom, and intensity of their work has deeply moved me. I only finished my first event with them a week ago and I've already attracted significantly more money and opportunities for money in to my life than i had before. I feel energized and hopeful.


— Frida Future

About Kit & Rosie

A fierce pair of cosmic traveling soul-seekers, these married weirdos have been on a mission of personal transformation together since 2012. Their journey began with becoming Forrest Yoga teachers together on their honeymoon. Since then, they've owned a yoga studio, traveled the world teaching yoga and personal transformation work, hosted yoga adventure retreats, and have built a successful six-figure coaching business in just the last year. Their tribe is growing fast as they ride their magic carpet of wild authenticity and freedom. The invitation to join is always open. 

Meet Our Brilliant Coaches

Lead Coach Kenna Tuggle

Coach Kenna Tuggle, also known as Duke, Dragonfae, and K-Tugs, is a Life Coach, Forrest Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker, Creative Writer, Violinist, and Supreme Lover of Tea. 

Kenna is a Colorado girl with an endless love of travelling the world and experiencing new places, thinking of about new ideas, and meeting new people. Born and raised in Boulder, CO she now lives in the shadow of the Great Sand Dunes in Alamosa, CO. 

Her areas of expertise: Helping people fully embody themselves and FEEL their feelings. 

Her super power: She is a compassionate and powerful space holder, and a gold nugget of truth EXCAVATOR

Her Gifts: She is a fierce coach who enables her clients to set themselves free through deep and compassionate self-exploration! She loves exploration of internal universes (her own, guiding others, on hikes, while drinking tea, in mountains, in deserts, in cities, on the beach... wherever, whoever, whatever: let’s explore!) 

Her Secret Weapon: Her laugh/ roar/ ability to shake in a freeing and comfortable way in yoga! ALSO SHE LITERALLY GIVES THE MOST AMAZING HUGS. IF YOU EVER SEE HER IN PERSON AND YOU WANT A WHOLESOME, NURTURING HUG, SIMPLY SAY THE WORD!

Sarah-Nada Arfa, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Sarah-Nada also known as Coach Nada to the Active Volcano Family is a Forrest yoga teacher, bodyworker, entrepreneur and corporate finance drumming unicorn lawyer.

Born and raised in northern Africa before traveling the world for work and play, she currently lives in Luxembourg (Europe). Her areas of expertise: anything to do with meditation and somatic therapies.

Her super power: she sees the true essence of people...their energies, their light, their darkness, their colors, their masks and what lies underneath the surface.

Her gifts: she is a bold coach who enables others to find their own healing, (re) connect with their mind, body, soul, spirit and community. She also bridges in a beauty way the gap between the corporate world and the « woo woo ». Her secret weapon: tough love/laughs She (really) speaks: French English Arabic (native) German (fluently) Luxembourgish (yes it is a language), Swedish and Italian (for men)

Lead Coach Janine Glass

 Lead Coach Janine here, aka Coach J9! I am so dynamic in every way...I'll just list a few: Mother of dragons (twin 3 yr olds to be exact), I'm in the flow, abundant and grateful for everything that comes to me, the creator of my reality, in control of me, compassionate, bravely strong, so loving and vulnerable. I've been a Forrest Yoga healer and teacher for almost a decade now and I love the journey with my students of healing and teaching people to heal themselves. I create magical Spirit Necklaces that also assist their owner in healing and feeling abundant. I've been a coach for TLV for 6 months now I love being a part of this amazing community! I am so exciting for you ALL to part-take and transform through this challenge! 

Born and raised in Philly (queue motown Philly back again, put a little east coast sway)  I love to travel the world and lead retreats and teach workshops and classes when I'm not at home base in Los Angeles.

Her areas of expertise: includes making spring rolls, hands-on adjustments, empathy, listening, and holding space for your healing.

Her super power: she sees your authentic spirit...your shadows as well as your light and sparkle. She sees whats underneath the surface and is able to speak into your loops and create effective tools for you to use for your journey.

Her gifts: she is a strong yet compassionate coach who enables others to source their own healing through the mind, body, and authentic spirit. 

Her secret weapon: Dragons--softness of understanding and compassion with fierceness of owning your strengths and power. 

Leigh Burris, Junior Volcano Coach

Skincare consultant, stay at home mom of 4, multi-tasking Extraordinaire, aspiring teen transformational coach

Born and raised in Colorado She has lived in New Mexico and California as well, currently resides in a small town in Colorado. She loves to travel and enjoys all the scenery and people she comes into contact with when traveling.  She loves creating memories with her family and enjoys traveling with them and showing them the beauty of the world we live in.  She strives to raise thankful, intuitive, humans that can make this world a better place.  

Area of Expertise-Mommin’ it , consulting, and helping others feel confident in themselves 

Super Powers-She is a fierce nurturer 

She uses her super maternal instincts to guide those around her to their true potential.  

Gifts- She connects with people through compassion and enthusiasm and loves seeing others succeed and reach their true potential 

Secret Weapon- empathy, curiosity, and asking questions to get to the nitty gritty

Lead Coach Audrey Gebhardt

Lead Coach Audrey is our resident Spirit Captain at the Little Volcano. Coach Audrey is also a Forrest yoga teacher, wedding cake baker, grocery store dancer, pizza enthusiast and aspiring aerialist. 

Born and raised in the house she was born in on Long Island, Audrey recently moved to Denver to climb big rocks and continue her circus training. 

Coach Audrey is an expert with money. She’s been reading about finance since she was eight years old. She started her first business at 15 years old on a whim and hasn’t stopped creating since! She’s obsessed with how to make money, how to save it, where to invest it and lately she’s been tapping into her gifts of manifesting it. 

Her super power is her ability to celebrate anything and everything. She learned from the best, when she was a kid her mom would wake her up at midnight (school nights and all) if it had started snowing so they could go for a walk in the snow and then come in and make brownies. To honor her mom’s legacy, she makes it her mission to help her clients live as if each day is a holiday. You’ll never find her without sparklers and birthday candles in the trunk of her car. 

Coach Audrey has a gift of helping her clients see their true potential. She will find a tiny spark of fun and light in your life and help you turn it into a career that fills you up, instead of draining you out. 

Her secret weapon is how she can turn darkness into light. Having experienced a lot of loss very early in life, Coach Audrey has transmuted her pain into a desire to live at the fullest capacity right now, instead of waiting around for the right time. She will help you gain perspective and clarity on your heartache so it can become a motivating force in your life. 

Kim Marquez, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Kim is known as Kim the Conqueror in the Active Volcano Family!  She is a photographer and transformational coach by day and kitten whisperer by night. 

Born and raised in a small rural town called Monte Vista, Colorado, she left to the city of Denver for 20 years, and then followed an intuitive call for her to move back home.  Since then, she quit her corporate job to pursue photography full time and making so many of her others dreams come true!

Her Areas of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and photography. 

Her Superpower: People find themselves feeling very comfortable around her.  She's highly intuitive, a little psychic, and a super manifester! 

Her Gifts: She's a natural leader and a fierce coach who asks the hard questions to help people become the best version of themselves.  She's persistent and determined to find the very thing that is holding someone back from reaching their vision.  Kim is super encouraging and helps people take leaps of faith! 

Her Secret Weapon:  She's unapologetically very honest and may end up blurting out what everyone is thinking but afraid to say. 

Trena Abbott, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Trena is a REIKI practitioner, vision board workshop coach, child of God, beauty consultant, entrepreneur and social worker for county government.

Trena was born, raised and continues to live in rural central Wisconsin where there are more cows than people. 

Area of Expertise :Faith connection, finance and budgeting, health/wellness/beauty

Super Powers: she is a spark that ignites the deep inner fuel (aka vision/desire) hidden in the darkness

Gifts: empathetic, loving style that support and encourages others to discover the love within and embrace universal connection, She boldly walks the line between highly religious Christian and counter culture to break down barriers holding people back.

Secret Weapon: speaking truth inspired by the Divine.

 Christine "Lil*Bear" Lamothe  Badass Forrest Yogi B-girl Entrepreneur  Coach Lil*Bear heals through all things physical and whimsical: movement, dance, yoga, and bodywork. In her playfully loving and direct way, she supports people to trust themselves.  Lil*Bear’s superpower is creating fun and intimate spaces for healing and transformation, and she will help you dive deep within, with courage. She will cheer you on, believe in you, and guide you to discover hidden or lost aspects of your true Self--with fits of laughter along the way!   Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Lil*Bear spent a snowboard season in British Columbia, a year each in Montreal and another in Paris breakdancing, and 11 years in Canada’s remote arctic where she created youth outreach dance programs that toured around Canada and built the first ever yoga studio in Nunavut. She is back in Ottawa training to become a massage therapist so she can bring her healing magic to a whole new level.  Core Gifts and Secret Weapons  Authenticity, humor and wit, getting straight to the point, caring deeply, and lovingly holding you true to your vision.

Christine "Lil*Bear" Lamothe

Badass Forrest Yogi B-girl Entrepreneur

Coach Lil*Bear heals through all things physical and whimsical: movement, dance, yoga, and bodywork. In her playfully loving and direct way, she supports people to trust themselves.

Lil*Bear’s superpower is creating fun and intimate spaces for healing and transformation, and she will help you dive deep within, with courage. She will cheer you on, believe in you, and guide you to discover hidden or lost aspects of your true Self--with fits of laughter along the way! 

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Lil*Bear spent a snowboard season in British Columbia, a year each in Montreal and another in Paris breakdancing, and 11 years in Canada’s remote arctic where she created youth outreach dance programs that toured around Canada and built the first ever yoga studio in Nunavut. She is back in Ottawa training to become a massage therapist so she can bring her healing magic to a whole new level.

Core Gifts and Secret Weapons

Authenticity, humor and wit, getting straight to the point, caring deeply, and lovingly holding you true to your vision.

Corey Patricia Thomas, Junior Volcano Coach

oach Corey is a Forrest yoga teacher, bodyworker, compassionate warrior, ocean loving gypsy.  She was born and raised in New Jersey before traveling the east coast and other parts of the world. Her heart hives in the tropics, where she will be moving come October! 

Her areas of expertise: anything to do with healing the body and mind.

Her super power: shame and vulnerability composter. She teaches her clients that shame and vulnerability is a good thing.  These are triggers and these triggers should never be wasted. 

Her gifts: she approaches each individual with compassion and sincerity.

Her secret weapon: to empower people to be exactly who they are, filter free <3

Helena Atkinson, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Helena, aka Modesty the Sassenach, is a teacher extraordinaire of Forrest Yoga, yin yoga, kids yoga, soma move and Conscious Breathing as well as English and Swedish at the local High School, where she’s also known as The Odd Teacher (a great compliment, when spoken by a group of 14 year olds).

Helena lives in a little wooden house by a lake in Sweden, where she runs a yoga studio and dwells in the wonders of linguistics. She has a knack for spotting patterns and hierarchies in discourses and groups, and has a warm yet stern approach to untangle them. In the summers, she is mostly found on a SUP board in the middle of the lake. 

Super Powers
Listening beyond the words, understanding underlying issues, having a generous heart with room for plenty of people, showing fierce loyalty and providing a strong sidekick. 

Helena is clearspoken, direct and tells it like she sees it. She’s a tiger wolf, fierce in battle but cuddly in peace. 

Secret Weapon
Fairy tales and stories, literature and films, provide coach Helena with a deep well of intentions, inspiration, and a framework for understanding the external and internal world; and the mighty Modesty Blaise is a power source for all transformational endevours.


Hannah Floyd, Junior Volcano Coach

Hannah Floyd, magmanimous member of the Active Volcano Family, is an experienced meditator, Forrest Yoga teacher, special needs teacher, mama and mama-to-be, poet and landlady.

Hannah has travelled all over the place soaking up cultures and languages, including a five year stretch in Vietnam.  She's ridden a motorbike up mountain trails and played in a jazz funk band, both whilst pregnant, among other mad adventures.

Areas of expertise: kids, intimacy, religion, yoga, meditation, travel, creativity...  

Her superpower: communicating with everyone and anyone. Hannah can see the best in those around her and brings people together to love and laugh in community.

Her gifts: she's compassionate and caring but combines that with the fearlessness of a committed truth-speaker. Hannah will make you feel good about yourself and awaken your inner 9-year-old with her wickedly eccentric humour. Her brilliant clarity of mind will also make you feel 100% seen and heard.

Her superpower: total honesty and integrity in seeing and speaking the truth. Hannah will light up areas of your life that were previously shadowy and bring them to your awareness ready to be transformed! 

Justine Coleman, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Justine also known as Bid Shirt in the Volcano Family is an exercise science lover and divine seeker.  She is a tarot reading, astrology junky, Lotus Flow Yoga teacher and exercise science lecturer.

Born in Lansdale, Pennslyvania she spent most of her youth in the dirty south of the ATL. She now lives in the coastal area of Georgia in Statesboro. 

Her areas of expertise are tarot reading, meditation, yoga, and anything that includes glitter.

Her super power: She can get you pumped up about your life! She sees the gifts that you have to offer the world and wants you to step into that power with full, no fucks given ownership! She will guide you to the lobsters that are beneath the depths so that you can take off the armor and uncover the truth. 

Her gifts: She motivates others to be inspired by their life and seek their truth. She encourages and guides others to reconnect to themselves, their passions, and the fun of their inner child. She wants you to see that you can live the life and do the things you have always wanted to do even if they are woo woo. Embrace the “woo woo”!

Her Secret Weapon is: PURE ENTHUSIASM AND EXCITEMENT! She will get you to move in your body to celebrate yourself in the present moment. There is never a bad time to celebrate! Magic is science and science is magic!

Nancy Goodell, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach QUEENIE, aka Nancy G, is a Forrest yoga teacher, bodyworker, intuitive healer, entrepreneur,  magic and mischief maker from way back when… let’s just say… thousands of years or more, but who’s counting!

This Lioness is QUEEN of the jungle at SOUL SPACE in her hometown of OCEANSIDE, CA.

In addition to pursuing her passions of teaching others how to live their best life via yoga, bodywork, the power of positivity, lifestyle coaching and  self-love, Coach Queenie, is also a merri-maker of digital and video elements for marketing and PR.  

Her super power: she brings humor, brightness and love to those around her. 

Her gifts: she is wise, tender, lighthearted and fiercely protective of all of her cubs.

Katie Swartz-Volcano, Junior Volcano Coach
also known as Coach Kate, to the Active Volcano Family, Coach Kate is an artist, bodyworker, entrepreneur, budding writer and Single Mom extraordinaire to two crazy little boys!

Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, she gypsied around the country in search of education and adventure for a few years and settled in Atlanta, Georgia (for now) to raise her family.

Her areas of expertise: art, massage, literature and the trivia of myths and fairytales, history, fashion and cultural anthropology. (Her sons keep her well versed in Greek Mythology, Mario Bros, & Space, with bouts of Chemistry)

Her super power: she sees the magic in every day, and in everyone. Really, actually sees it, in colors, in pictures and in vibrations. She pulls it out of of those she touches and shows them their amazingness.

Her gifts: she is a bold coach who enables others to find their own magic, hunt down their shadows and uncover that part of them most lovable to bring into the light and heal. She encourages and strengthens mind/body/soul connection. And she spots loops like a sniper.

Her secret weapon: straight talk, and straight up magic. And indomitable friendliness.

Ally Parks, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Ally Parks also known as Coach Ally the Ass Kicker! to the Active Volcano Family is a forrest yoga teacher, bodyworker, photographer, hands on healing witch and maker of ceremonial paraphernalia.

Horn and raised in Houston, Texas, ally studied photography at University in Austin, and now lives in the pacific northwest in Seattle.

Her areas of expertise: visual arts and communications (photo, graphic design, color theory, functional form) + photoshop // gems and minerals // all things occult // dance and somatic healing.

Her super power: a supreme nurturer of soft strength +++ ally sees and empaths the divine creativity inside each living being

Her gifts: includes clairvoyance + clairaudience // creative visualization // empathy

Her secret weapon: compassionately honest and direct // gives others the space for their own free will // flows freely like a fish in water

Emily Polonus, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Emily is an Essential Oil Empress with doTERRA leading several teams of wellness warriors on a quest to revolutionize personal wellness and healthcare.  She aims to sprinkle hope and healing wherever she goes.  

She is a also a Forrest Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist offering Thai Massage in Savannah GA.

Originally from PA and Augusta GA, she has called Savannah GA home for the past 18 years and felt a draw there from the magical and mystical oak trees and also loves the beach. 

Her super powers are her joy, positivity and contagious enthusiasm that comes straight from her heart.  

She is an agent of positive change and out of her clear set of core values emerges a defined purpose for her life.  Her personal mission is strong - to lead and coach wellness entrepreneurs to empower people with beautiful natural solutions to be their own best wellness advocates.  

Her secret weapons are her belief and understanding that everything is connected and anything is possible along with her commitment to practicing loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity within herself and with others.  

Meditation and practicing gratitude and appreciation daily are what helps her move through life with grace and ease, on most days.  She lives her life by design and helps others realize it is possible to do the same.

Rhyan Canales, Junior Volcano Coach

Coach Rhyan, also known as The Soul Sherpa, First of His name, Polisher of Gems, and Rightful Heir to Abundance and Magic is an entrepreneur, a kick ass web designer, copywriter, and most passionately, a coach who guides his clients up their own personal mountains.

He grew up in Florida, the land where everything tries to kill you and the magic of endless theme parks abounds and now lives in the armpit of California! He’s been a traveler, headed up a non-profit orphanage in Haiti, owned numerous businesses, been a sustainable farmer, plays more instruments than he likes to admit, and has two amazingly woke and empathetic teenage boys.

His super powers include finding that hidden thing inside people that they don’t think matters and shining it until it becomes a sparkling gem of great value. He's also pretty adept at not co-signing people's bullshit!

He is gifted in being able to connect with people in a unique and empathetic way, so they feel comfortable being vulnerable and empowered. As a Sherpa, he never leaves their side, encouraging them and holding space for them until they reach the summit.

If we told you what his secret weapon is, we'd have to kill you! But, we CAN tell you that he has a gift for asking just the right questions with loving intent that allows his clients to discover new paths up the mountain that they didn’t even know were there!