Rosie & K Volcano

The Little Volcano is a traveling yoga family. We encourage connection, growth, and magic in our students. We aim to inspire our students daily to live in a way their spirit dictates, be fearlessly authentic, and celebrate themselves exactly as they are. We are currently traveling in the UK and Europe and would love to come to your home studio to teach a Forrest yoga workshop. 

Know that your energy is literally felt around the world. I remember hearing about you Volcanoes, seeing FB posts saying you were on your way to CHI during our 2015 FYFTT. I was thinking to myself who are these magical celebrities?! Not in a pomp & circumstance Hollywood way, but knowing you two are GAME CHANGERS. And even that phrase is to whisper of your power & presence. You mighty volcanoes are game re-writers & inventors. I remember the day you and Rosie galloped into the room. It was a seismic shift. Trust that seismosaurus is your life. Knowing that when something this big hits us, of course it’s unrecognized. But trust that it sure as hell is out to change the landscape. Go you. Your inspiration runs deep. Even if we don’t tell you as much as we should. So proud of you both. AHO.
— -A Wonderful Yogi Friend

Would you like to host the Little Volcano at your home studio?  Check out some of our available workshop ideas below. 

Unlocking the Shoulders- 2 Hour Forrest Yoga Workshop

Discover your Spirit Animal- 2 Hour Forrest Yoga & Journeying Worksohp

Star Projector Yoga- Yoga in the dark with stars on the ceiling and fun games

Harry Potter Yoga- Exactly what it sounds like, prizes included

Chakra Process Workshop- 2 Hour Forrest Yoga Workshop

Cultivating Shame Resilience- 3 Hour Forrest Yoga Workshop + Ceremony

Working with the 4 Directions- 2 Hour Workshop with some yoga


Available Workshops