Join us Saturday, November 1st for our Samhain Grand Opening Party!


FREE  one hour yoga class with the star projector


Earth Alchemy Elixir tasting bar by One Willow Apothecaries

Live Music

Artwork by:

Elizabeth Levesque

Courtney Dute 

Denise Carbonell

Sacred Ceremony of the Dead: 

bring a picture or memento of a deceased loved one to honor at our altar

Come in costume. Bring your friends. Prepare to get weird with us. 


About our Yoga:

Enrich and transform your Yoga practice with us by learning the Forrest Yoga principles of Strength, Breath, Integrity and Spirit. Forrest yoga does not require massive amounts of strength or flexibility, only a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly.

We are the first to bring this style to Asheville and we can't wait to start our own Forrest Yoga Tribe with you.  


Rosie Volcano

Rosie Volcano

Rosie Volcano

Rosie is the wife of Kara Volcano. They have spent 3 previous lives together. Once as pioneers, once as gay dolphins, and once as space-traveling aliens. The universe has conspired to bring them together again for another adventure, this time as yoga teachers. 

Rosie always knew she wanted to be a healer, since her mother taught her to say the words "Orthopedic Surgeon" when someone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She spent her childhood gazing at her Mom's medical text books in fascination of the human body. Rosie was like the Hermione Granger of Massage school, raising her hand at every opportunity and doing way more work than was required of her for every school project. She took her chosen profession very seriously for 6 years, constantly learning and developing new skills and healing knowledge until she found the next great adventure: Forrest Yoga.  She wanted to find a style of yoga that incorporated her love of anatomy with a true authentic healing experience. She found this in Forrest Yoga. 9 months after her first Forrest Yoga class she was in teacher training with Ana Tiger Forrest. Ana has entrusted Rosie and Kara with her life's mission: the mend the hoop of the people. 1 year later, they've found themselves in Asheville, pursuing their passion. 

Rosie and Kara are so excited to be here in Asheville and share their passion for healing and art with everyone who walks in their door. Their style of Yoga is a very approachable one, allowing laughter and queefs to flow freely in their classes, as well as true learning and healing. They welcome all body types, ages and skill levels in their classes and hope to help everyone find their own healing journeys in life. 


Kara Volcano

Kara Volcano

Kara Volcano

Kara is a redheaded stepchild bore to a family of feral cats. After years of being completely insane, and not in the fun way, she found some sanity and inner peace when she dove head first into Forrest Yoga.

Kara had made an agreement with her self at the tender psychotic age of 19 that if she found the cure to crazy, she would dedicate her self to sharing it with others.  Forrest Yoga is that cure.

Expect everything out of the ordinary if you take one of her classes, especially if you haven't ever taken a Forrest Yoga class. Forrest Yoga will shake you out of your yoga rut, put you back into your body, help you take a good poop, and deepen your practice all at the same time.

Kara was one of the chosen ones that has trained under the tiger claws of Ana Forrest.  To learn more about Forrest Yoga and the tiger woman behind this incredible practice visit the Forrest Yoga website here.