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The Little Volcano is located at:

2119 W. Le Moyne St.

East Coach House

Chicago IL 60622

(Tucked back in the alley) 

You can reach us at (312) 508-9770. 

Check Genbook for available massage hours. 


2119 W. Le Moyne St.
Chicago IL 60622



Yoga, Bodywork and Apparel for weirdos and wizards


Yoga, Bodywork &

Massage with Rosie

Rosie is a nationally certified, state licensed massage therapist and certified Forrest Yoga teacher. Massage, Bodywork and Yoga have been her passions for the last 7 years. She specializes in clinical & therapeutic massage and she really enjoys teaching customized private yoga classes. For her full Bio and more information, click on the "Yoga, Bodywork & Massage" tab. 

Massage Reviews:

These reviews are from verified customers of this business on

  • Croix F.

    Awesome and Friendly

    Rosie was AMAZING. She is incredibly professional and talented. This was my first real massage, and it was great! Rosie made me feel very comfortable and was great to talk to. I am hooked, I will 100% be going back for a massage and hopefully I can start doing some yoga there as well. If you have the chance, I recommend paying Rosie a visit.


  • J.J.

    90 minute massage

    The only negative part of my whole massage experience was that it was only 90 minutes. I had been having some pains in my sciatic for a couple months and since the massage they have been bothering me much much less. It was an all around very enjoyable experience and I will definitely go back next chance I get.


  • Liz F


    Rosie was the best masseuse I've ever had. She knows what she is doing and cares about helping you figure out what is going on with your body. She's amazing GO!


  • C.C.

    Excellent Massage

    Best I have had in a long. Rosie knows what she is doing, is very focused on what you need and is a very nice person too.


  • K.L.

    so wonderful

    Rosie is a gem of a person, and a masseuse. She really listened to me and my body. I greatly appreciate that she is deeply interested in how the body works, which makes her ability to cater her services optimal.


  • Lee D.

    totally necessary

    My body work experience with Rosie Volcano was completely amazing. I anticipated the feeling of not having enough time, as it's been literally years since my last message, and booked an hour and a half. It still wasn't enough time. Rosie is amazing and will focus in on just where you need it. I can't wait to go back and address more of my myriad issues.


  • Robyn LaLonde

    Volcanoes = Spectacular Massage!

    Went to Rosie for a 1 hour massage and wished I had gone longer! She quickly found my problem areas and focused on them with equal parts technique and tenacity. I will be back!


  • Barbara P

    The Magic Ninja Powers of Rose

    Rose was able to put the broken pieces of me back together in the short space of an hour. It was a miracle considering that a short time previously, I had been shivering and in great pain on the LaSalle Street bridge--not imagining that there would be any form of salvation for me. She is an expert and I recommend her unreservedly. Thanks Rose!


  • S.M.

    Great experience at The Little Volcano

    Rosie was fantastic. She told me that she was born to do this and it shows! Very professional. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing. The hour long massage was over WAY too quickly and I left feeling rested and restored! I would definitely recommend The Little Volcano and will be going back for sure.


  • Diana O

    On the path to healing.

    Rosie is professional, talented and passionate about her craft. She can help you unlock the mysteries of your body to locate places that need healing and attention. I learned so much in one visit with her, that I can't wait to see what surprises lay ahead in working with her. Don't hesitate, she is what you are looking for!


  • Chuck C.

    Little Volcano

    Rose has a gift for locating sources of discomfort and restoring physical balance. My visits to the chiropractor have been limited to extreme distress events since I have been in her care. Her spirit is as restorative as her hands, and her hands have healing strength and heartfelt tenderness. She is a prize.


  • D.Y.


    What a great listener. Rosie came highly recommended from a few of my friends. She was professional and relaxed, which put me at ease. I appreciated her taking the time to ask questions during the beginning and how she was able to adjust the massage to fit my overall goals for the session. She also offered some additional stretching information as well. I’d recommend her to anyone.


  • Shawn F

    Great first impression

    There is something special tucked away in the coach house off Hoyne and Lemoyne that is the Little Volcano. Inspiring decor and a warm, compassionate bedside manner made for a 5 star experience. My first visit was for a 90 min body work session. Rosie took careful note of my long list of issues and explained the approach she was going to take, which was a first. I've never had 90 minutes go by so fast, I felt fantastic riding home and was singing her praises the next day at work.


  • Ed Dailey


    I have a broken body and we have plenty of work to do but Rosie did in one session what others have tried to do in 10 but couldn't feeling so much better. Looking forward to more!


  • Mandie H


    The Little Volcano is the best. I went in for a massage with Rosie the other day and have never felt better. I left feeling the most relaxed I have ever felt in my life! Love it. Will definitely be back.


  • Lance

    Just plain awesome!

    The little Volcano was referred to me by a mutual friend. Since I was in search of a new massage therapist once my sciatica started up again I figured it was worth a shot. I have to say I was very pleased with everything from start to finish! Even tho she recommended I wait a day before training I was so anxious to see how well her therapy worked I trained that very same night and had no pain whatsoever! I will definitely be a repeat customer :)


  • Shawn Drimmel

    Best Massage Therapist in Chicago!

    Rose, a massage therapist at The Little Volcano is by far the best massage therapist I have been to. An added bonus is I have always found the time spent to be entertaining as well!

T-shirts are now available on pre-sale! For our hay girls and our modest "blank backs", we love you all. 

T-shirts are now available on pre-sale! For our hay girls and our modest "blank backs", we love you all. 


After 9 months of hard work and anticipation we release from our strong womanly loins our first gift to the universe:


These leggings are the culmination of the creative juices of Josh Davis of Dead Meat Design and The Little Volcano. Josh created this art for us and it's available in printed form on his website:

By purchasing these leggings, not only are you getting a limited edition piece of art, but you're supporting local artists and craftspeople who helped produce these pants. The fabric is printed in North Carolina and the leggings are made right here in Chicago IL!  

Feeling freaky in these nasty leggings will help ease you into your favorite yoga pose or call all the boys & girls to the yard. Never again will you have the problem of "OMG WE'RE WEARING THE SAME PROM DRESS" because each pair is cut from a different part of the artwork. No two pairs are alike. four-way heavy compression fabric and anti-cameltoe technology holds you in all the right places and yet the cut of these pants allows you to wear them high-waisted or drop-crotched, all while looking like the stylish and unisexy wizard that you are.