Tribe of Too Much

In a world of labels and boxes, and the trappings of societal expectations, there is a magical and empowering place. A place where your most authentic self - your most ridiculous, over-the-top, too much for everyone else self is not only welcomed, but celebrated! Through personalized coaching and extreme transformational events that incorporate yoga, ceremony and deep internal processes, you will find yourself in a safe space for a personal revolution. This tribe exists because we believe in YOU! We believe in doing the magic first and in creating community and a support system to drive your metamorphosis. We believe in the rewiring of the brain and the heart to receive, and in turn, bring about the radical life changes necessary to manifest your deepest desires. We are putting out the call to all social outcasts, dreamers, weirdos, freaks, and everyone who has ever been told they were way too fucking much! No matter your religion or personal belief system, no matter your age or gender or orientation, you have a home, a family, a place of support, and a place of acceptance. We are the #tribeoftoomuch!