Over the years we have had the privilege of working with so many different people and witness their personal transformations. From people looking for their soulmates to a release of deeply buried shame and guilt, there are so many individual stories to be heard. Here is where we get to share them with you. If you'd be willing to share your story with us and the world, please let us know! We would be honored! 


Katie is my (Rosie's) sister! She is 9 years older than me and has been a big source of creative inspiration throughout my life. When I was little, she would create the most elaborate tooth fairy schemes every known. Katie experienced a time of great trial in her life a few years ago where she suffered through a traumatic miscarriage and broke her leg...twice. She let feelings of inadequacy and guilt fester inside of her with no one to listen but her inner self. I once taught her a private yoga lesson.  About 20 minutes into the lesson, Katie came to a breaking point where all the of the feelings came pouring out. I led her through a meditation/ shamanic journey where she learned to see herself and treat herself differently. From that point on, she has been on a constant journey of self-love and appreciation. Check out the video below to hear the full story: 


Valentine is a dear friend and student we met in Scotland. I worked with her through many private bodywork sessions where we explored the trauma of her past and helped her find love for herself. 


Sarah-Nada is a powerful feminine warrior-healer. She has magic coming out of her fingertips, and we were lucky enough to work with her in Newcastle back in October 2016. This is Sarah-Nada's Volcano story.



"When I found out The Volcanos were coming to HeartSpace my first thought was 'I wonder why they call themselves the Volcanos?'Now I get it.
Rosie and Kastor exploded in to Dundee back in July (2016), yoga blocks flying like lava rocks and healing seeping out of them like lava. Despite doing some internet research, I definitely wasn't ready for what was to come. Slowly but surely, the momentum of their magical magma increased, engulfing each one of us in turn. Once I was swept up in it, it was great fun to watch others come along for the ride. That Volcano eruption culminated today in a class full of utter silliness, laughter and love. Now, as the dust settles and the clouds clear, that magical magma starts to cool and turns to something all together different; something permanent, something strong, something that forms part of my bedrock."

-Laura W., Dundee Scotland


Sabastian is a multi-dimensional shaman who creates raw healing on a soul level for everyone he meets. Here is Sabastian's impression of the Volcanos....


This student of ours has chosen to remain anonymous, but we send them a great amount of love and gratitude for sharing their beautiful soul with us! 


"So, I only started yoga in early 2015. Was 4 stone overweight, absolutely no co-ordination, suffering from depression and anxiety for a number of years, as flexible as a block of wood and scared stiff of most of the poses! My only memory of Rosie's 1st class in June/July (cant remember exactly when it was) was of feeling comfortable even though I was still struggling with some the poses. I remember coming home thinking "she seems soo friendly and non-judgemental. Wonder if I could ask her to help with my fear of balancing stuff".

After I fell over in the 2nd class, I plucked up the courage to ask fully expecting Rosie to laugh at me. The reality was totally opposite. No judgement, no laughing at my uselessness at yoga just a "ok lets book a private session and see what we can do". And well, it carried on from there. The positivity, the laughs, the relaxed atmosphere of the classes, the encouragement without judgement - that's what makes you guys so so special. I'm still doing yoga. Got another stone to lose to reach my target weight, have hardly had any depressive relapses (and the few I've had I've managed to deal with without resorting to my usual negative coping mechanisms), feel so much calmer and healthier and have generally relaxed. My fear of heights has even lessened. This is all within just under a year! I'd never have thought I could even get this far and I still have sooo far in my journey I want to go. Thank you Rosie and Kit for letting me be me in your classes. I feel so blessed that I got to spend an inspiring few months with you both."  -A.K.


I have had some wonderful massages at some amazing spas across the world but nothing comes close to how life changing this 90 minute Bodywork session with Kit was. I feel completely different. I have let go of tension that I have held onto for years. Thank you Kit!

-Adam B, Dundee, Scotland

Sarah J.